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Free Pattern: HUG BOT


It's been a really bleh, rainy day today. So, I decided to:

  • try redwork for the first time 
  • stitch up this "HUG BOT" sketch I had floating around on my desk
  • make it free pattern for you! (it's attached below)

Hug Bot is probably best for kids, but hey -he made me feel better. Hug Bot would look good on the front of a girl's romper or boy's shirt. Hug Bot is here to hug you! Wait! I have evil robots too!

You might need transfer paper or a transfer pen. And, if you're wondering where all the free stuff went, never fear! New ones will be posted to the blog. Watch this space. After you do some stitching. Then, come back and watch this space.

Free Pattern - Hug Bot (click to begin download)

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