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BUSTin 'Broidery!


I gotta tell you, I am seriously loving the current issue of Bust. And my love for Bust goes deep. So, after spending my Sunday evening going over it all at a leisurely pace, I was simply blown away by how pulled together and fine this particular issue is. It actually made me want to cheer about it, so here it is. There's no way I can link to every single thing I love about this issue of Bust so instead, here's a treasure hunt of pages that caught my eye:

 >>>sucking in deep breath<<<<

Wish I could be at the event on page 1, adore the ad on page 2, love the article on page 18 (No, not about Justin Long), page 29 totally check out my ad (and that pesto/pasta recipe on the back!), page 36 might be the answer to my problems with bangs, page 38 has those great pencils I saw at a craft market and wish I bought, page 40 has these awesome, 70's retro-looking scarf-tying illustrations, page 42 busts out an awesome embroidery find, we go to Honolulu on page 44, then there's the Fall Preview of Movies, TV and Music, followed by an interview with Molly Ringwald "Forty-Two Candles" on page 67 (are you kidding me?) THEN there's the investigative reporting on Reality TV on page 68, a heartbreaking update in the love life of Chryssie Hynde, a book review section devoted entirely to needleworking books...AND it concludes with the best indie ads worth going through one-by-one online and that's only partly why I love Bust magazine. It's true! 

Aaand, I didn't even mention the overseas "English Teacher" exposé, or the advice columns (ahem) or the wondrous back page by Esther Pearl Watson...


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