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ModCloth + Sublime Stitching!



Squee! I can't believe it! ModCloth (steadying myself) named a dress after me! I am so, so flattered. I don't know what to do with myself. I'm running in circles around my studio like a total spaz. It's even covered in Eiffel Towers, mom! Okay. I'm calm now.

To return the love, I designed a FREE sheet of ModCloth-themed patterns! Find them at the end of my Best Job Ever interview. What are the patterns good for? Why, embroidering on your new ModCloth shirt, skirt or dress, of course! Okay, I'll stop shouting.

If you are visiting my site for the first time via ModCloth -hullo there! I dare you to try hand embroidery.
Wondering how to get started?

My Ultimate Embroidery Kit will set you up. Or maybe, some Iron-on Embroidery Patterns are all you need? Have you downloaded the free designs? You'll prolly need some Carbon Paper. Do you just want to know how to embroider? I am here for you. Let's get you stitching, and we'll skip the geese in bonnets, mkay? Mkay.

~ Thank you ModCloth! I can't wait to see my cute, namesake dress in person! ~

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