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Guest Designer: Elsie Flannigan!


Sneak preview revealed! The newest guest designer here at Sublime Stitching is Elsie Flannigan of Red Velvet Art and A Beautiful Mess! Elsie and I have mutual girl-crushes. She has an unwavering eye for distinctively cute, colorful and clever design that I adore, and I was thrilled to be interviewed on her blog earlier this year. "Saayy, why don't we put our heads together and make a Sublime-ly Beautiful Mess?"

So, I picked out my favorite of Elsie's small paintings, and made an embroiderable interpretation printed on a carry-all for you to stitch! I pulled out every floss color in my bag to stitch the example above, but nothing says you can't stitch it all in one color (and still have a stunning work of stitchery).

Thank you Elsie! Everyone is going to love it! x-o-x-o

While they last: "Oh, Alice!" Tote by Elsie Flannigan

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