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Jessica V's Gift Bags!



Meet one of my very best friends: Jessica Vitkus. I first met Jessica years ago on the set of Craft Corner Deathmatch, a too-short-lived TV show about, what else? Competitive crafting. (I was a judge on two episodes, and she was the co-creator.) She has written for The Daily Show, Wonder Showzen, worked on Martha Stewart and has even authored her own craft book: Alternacrafts. Needless to say, Jessica is a complete bada** comedy writer and passionately creative crafter. She is always finding ways to combine comedy and crafting (my favorite is her Homeland Security Blanket). Lucky for you- she emailed me the other day offering a re-use for those cinch-top cloth bags that are too nice to throw away. Jessica? Take it away:

PROJECT IDEA! Re-Usable Holiday Gift Bags

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