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Valentine ♥ Projects

Chi-Chi Fever + Demi Towel = FLOATY HEARTS OF LUV

Too early to think about Valentine's Day? Not for stitchers! Okay, here's a buncha projects you can stitch up this weekend for the ones you lurve...the best part of all, most of these are ♥ FREE PATTERNS ♥. Absolutely free. No obligation. Some rules and restrictions may apply. (Not really.)

If you're alone this Valentine's Day, Hug Bot is here for you.


1. I Luv Your Guts Card

2. Cupid Card

3. Hug Bot -POPULAR!

4. Vital Organs

And while we're on the subject of hearts 'n things, look at this project submitted to the Embroidery Gallery called "The cage is too small for the heart." Awww.

If you're participating in the Needle and ThREAD: Stitching for Literacy New Blogger Puzzle Contest, here's line 5:

V L S N D H W F D     S U     G M Z Q S A M D      

This contest is open to everyone. If this is the first you're hearing of it, go take a look

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