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Q-Snap Class

This week, I added Q-Snap frames to the Tools section. Did you notice? Well, since doing so, many of you have had questions about these curious things. Or, should I say: q-urious? Maybe I shouldn't. Anyway- allow me to take the brass and walnut podium, put on my reading glasses and draw your attention to Diagrams A and B. (Ahem.) Class, settle down.

Diagram A shows the two sizes of Q-Snap frame that I presently carry. An, 11" square Q-Snap, is slightly smaller than a vinyl LP cover (you do remember those don't you? Just me?) and a very useful all-around size for most needleworkers be they of the cross-stitching, needlepointing, quilting or free-embroidery persuasion. The 11" x 17" Q-Snap is particularly advantageous when working on larger, more ambitious pieces of needlework and can easily maintain the surface tension of a large area of fabric. Now, let's look at Diagram B, shall we? Who threw that spitball?

This shows you how the half-pipe, ridged tubes "snap" over the tubular (dude!) frame. They are also the method by which you will tighten your fabric. You slightly rotate them outwardly once you have secured your fabric in place. Class dismissed. Students seeking extra credit may stay after for some questions.

One of the questions that has come up is: Which is better? The Clover Hoop, or a Q-Snap frame? Who'd win in a throwdown? Hrmm. That is a toughie. I would have to say that either one has its unique merits and comes down to a personal preference. One of the advantages of the Q-Snap is that the rounded tubes prevent your fabric from being crimped, and is therefore preferable for fine fabrics. But, also easily handles thicker fabrics. So many choices!

I think also, and I haven't really seen this mentioned elsewhere in relationship to their product, that a Q-Snap frame is probably much easier for children to hold and put fabric on themselves. I should probably get the 6" x 6" Q-Snap in stock for that very reason.

Now get out of here. I have papers to grade.

Oh Snap! Q-Snaps in the Tools Section

Thanks to Ginger for turning me on to these several years ago!


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