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Rink Rats RULE

(She would look great on a bomber jacket!)

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, (around 2006), there were no Roller Derby embroidery patterns to be found upon the land. Stitchers searched high and low but for naught. Many an email descended upon my humble website requesting that I produce embroidery patterns of these mythic babes with bruises, helmets, pink hair and skates. As I toiled late into the night, I conjured up such a sheet, and lo: it was very, very popular. But then, the demand for Roller Derby patterns abated. Was the trend passing? So it would appear. And lo: the stores of Roller Derby patterns were allowed to run very, very low, and eventually run out.

Then, to my great surprise, many an email descended once more upon my humble website: "When are you going to have Roller Derby patterns again?" It became evident that their spell was not yet broken. So, instead of simply re-printing the same sheet, I decided to heavily re-work it. New patterns were made, improvements made, additional designs created and the stores of patterns were greatly replenished. There were Roller Derby patterns once again upon the land. Enjoy!


If you liked the older version of the sheet, it will be available for purchase as a PDF for a limited time. The new version will have the color guide! Yay! Sit tight for that...


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