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French Knot Frenzy

Going through submissions to the Sublime Stitching Flickr Pool, I was amazed at this solidly-worked piece of French knots! Stitched by Stacie Jay, I couldn't help but ask if this was done by machine (there are old-timey machines that do chenille work that looks a lot like this) or by hand. "All by hand!" she replied. Whoah. When there are so many French knots in one place like this, I think it should be called a "frenzy". You know, like a "pride of lions" and a "murder of crows". A "frenzy of French knots". Don't you think that sounds good?


Check out this frenzy of French knots over on Feeling Stitchy!

Oooh! I just spotted this French knot frenzy in the Sublime Stitching Gallery!

How-To: Fool Proof French Knot

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