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Seen Me Around?

photos taken by Cathie Filian

You know you've made it when your likeness appears on cardboard. Recently, a stitchy friend posted on the Sublime Stitching FB page that she had walked into a JoAnn Fabrics store and saw a display with my photo on it! I didn't know about this! Well, I mean I kinda did. Here's how it happened: I was asked by JoAnn Craft stores to contribute a project idea for their Spring 2011 press kit in conjunction with National Craft Month. Did you know that March is National Craft Month? (Did you know that February is National Embroidery Month?) Anywhoodles~ kudos to JoAnn for reaching out to several independent designers for project ideas and offering them as free in-store craft projects sheets that you can take with you! This display can be found in JoAnn stores across the country.

If you want to see the full press kit, and all the projects, you need but only to click right here: JoAnn Spring Press Kit with Projects

Moi? I did a simple redwork project using the Camp Out transfers and this apron.

I have a humble history with JoAnn. When I first started this website in 2001, there was a JoAnn store very near where I was living. Because I didn't yet have wholesale accounts to buy floss and needles for putting together my embroidery kits, JoAnn Fabrics was the place I would raid for floss, extra needles and much of the fabric that I did my work on. I got to know those checkout ladies really, really well.

So it's pretty exciting to have this happen so many years later (I still keep running out of stuff, though). My plan to infiltrate these shops is working nicely...shhh. Be quiet and they won't notice that they're no longer stitching bunnies and teddy bears. Mwahahaha.

Thanks, JoAnn!


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