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So, I was all on this "use fewer exclamation points" kick, 'cause I was just feeling a little too..."screamy" all the time with my blog posts and the tweets...but this kinda ruins that. I mean, I don't know what merits exclamation points around here more than these: OWL EMBROIDERY SCISSORS!!! All right, so I used three of them. I usually have more dignity than that.

And, I also couldn't resist stitching up the rest of an owl to go with them. Who could? Hm. That would be an awfully cute embroidered case...

Now, before you get sticker shock over the price: yes, these are more expensive than my other scissors, and it's not just because they are owls and I'm preying upon your adoration of them. These happen to be exceptionally nice scissors. The handles are heavy and chunky, and the blades are extra sharp and pointy. I keep turning them over in my hand, admiring them (yes, really). I have a tool problem and am so glad I can share my addiction with you. 


UPDATE: Many of you asked me to make a pattern of the owl embroidery I did here. Rejoice! Your wish came true:

OWLBERT PDF Embroidery Pattern $3.50

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