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X-Stitch iPhone Cases!

UnCommon asked me to design iPhone cases for their Artist Series! Actually, I've been doing it for a while, but recently added new work. It's been fun to play around with this format -any time I can play with embroidery in a different way, even as a pure graphic, I'm game. Their interface allows you to choose (and adjust) designs by artists like Jill Bliss, Magda Seyeg, Allison Cole, and my new favorite: Yellena James. You can also upload your own photos and art to make a case just for yourself.

I must be the last person on earth who doesn't have an iPhone, but that's going to change soon. I hope.
New designs will be posted here!


ETA: The super nice folks at UnCommon gave us a
20% Off coupon code!
> > > JENNYHART2011 < < <
good thru April 30th
NEW: BUY ONE GET ONE FREE with code BOGOCASE until 5/5/11


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