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Bright Idea: Pink & Black Bow Top

Here's a quick project idea that's super easy and very sweet. Take a basic, boat-necked top, add the bow from Ryan Berkley's PDF patterns (the bow isn't on the iron-on sheet, it come in the "extras" with the pdf) add buttons from Craftopia, outline the neck and the cuffs in a simple running stitch and you have a top that is totally adorbs. Squee!

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You'll need:

Ryan Berkley PDF
Craftopia (for the button pattern)

Pink and Gray Floss

Or, if you already have Transfer Tools handy, you can whip up your own bow and buttons!

Wondering how to get a design onto dark fabric?

I worked this with six strands of floss in a back stitch, running stitch (aka hidden stitch), and French knots for the button holes.

You can do it. I know you can.

x - x - x - x 

Does it look like this photo was taken in a TV studio? It was! This is one of several tops I stitched up for my upcoming appearance on Sew It All TV. I'll post more pics from the set soon. Promise.


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