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NEW Country Cool Designs!

Yeeehaw! The new Country Cool sheet is finished! The catalog updates continue and here's the latest with LOTS of new designs: Country Cool. I think I'm most excited about the addition of an armadillo and longhorns (but don't miss the gecko skeleton):

(This is what the patterns look like when I'm first working on them, before I clean them up and stitch them.)
Oh, and! Thar's a...

The PDF version of the new Country Cool sheet is available for purchase and comes with two COLOR GUIDES.


Also, for those of you waiting for the PDF version of the updated Om Sweet Om PDF with the new designs and color guides, wait no more: Om Sweet Om PDF with two COLOR GUIDES is now available.

Phew! I'm going to take a little break. Just a little one. Keep your ear to the ground because more are coming!

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