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¡ Cinco de Mayo !


I've been blabbin' it here, I've been blabbin' it there: Dia de los Muertos is the newest re-release! And it is mucho mejor. Now it has more sugar skulls, Mary looks even lovelier, and don't worry- I didn't touch the dancing skeletons. Since I do these sheets in batches, that means (well, it means a lot of work for me, but-) that they come to you in batches. Thus, the recent flood-like re-releases of updates to Om Sweet Om, Country Cool and just in time for a carefully marketed-to-coincide-with-Cinco de Mayo: Dia de los Muertos. Ah, to drown in embroidery patterns. What a lovely way to go. The PDF version of the sheet with two COLOR GUIDES is available, too.

Want to know what I used to stitch up the example above? Sure! 4-6 ply of floss for that chunky, "just-stitched" look, these floss colors (and some from here as well) this metallic palette, annnd I was all proud of myself when I decided to line the edging of her robe with French knots, in-between the two rows of stitches. A vision in embroidery.

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