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Renegade Austin

Renegade Craft Fair Austin is coming up quick! And while it breaks my heart to tell you I can't be there in person this year (I'm speaking at Maker Faire Bay Area the same weekend), I hope you'll still totally go check out the Sublime Stitching booth where Courtney will be waiting to greet you (be extra nice to her, okay?). If you say "FLOSS IS BOSS", she'll give you something special. Don't be shy! Say hi!

Sigh. ~wavy memory lines~ I used to do every single Renegade. By myself. I did them for five years in Chicago since the first one in 2003 and had just a little card table (my "booth" hasn't changed much), and a local friend to cover me while I ran to the bathroom (tmi?). I had a box of patterns by my chair, and I'd assemble your kit on site. Where have those days gone? Nowhere. Think I'm above it? No way! I just can't be at all the events at once that have exploded over the years. I'm gonna be at the next Renegade coming up in L.A. dude.

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♥ Come see me at Renegade L.A. July 16th & 17th ♥ sharing a booth with Christine Haynes

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