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Maker Faire Report

Maker Faire was total cray-zay-ness! Look at all these people clamoring to learn hand embroidery! Only minor shoving was involved. I was in the BurdaStyle booth just after speaking on the "Crafting Your Online Presence" panel hosted by Craft and moderated by Diane Gilleland. The instant the panel was over, I had to run, not walk, to my awaiting table. Foolishly thinking I'd try to encourage passersby to mmmaybe give stitching a try, instead, I was mobbed. By a nice mob. Not a mean mob. See:

This was the most fun part of Maker Faire for me. It can be overwhelming for sure, but it's so very worth it. I really do love the opportunity to meet new people, see old friends and have longtime Sublime Stitchers show up to say hello and introduce themselves. I'm thrilled. It's not every day I get to connect with you on the other side of the computer screen. >donk donk< (tapping computer screen)

"I'd like to answer that last question with a little song I wrote..."

Calm before the embroidery storm. Speaking on the panel with Drew Emborksy, Cathe Holden, Moxie & Alice Merino. That's my very good buddy Garth Johnson of Extreme Craft to my left.

I think this could have been an all-day symposium to cover what we've learned about communicating online and using the internet to promote and sell our work. Considering how long I tend to ramble on, it's probably good that it wasn't.

Thank you to everyone at Craft, Maker Faire and BurdaStyle for inviting me to participate! Next year: I won't miss what I heard was a blowout Renegade Austin.

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