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Mod Contest WINNERS!

Almost two weeks ago, I announced a quick contest on the Sublime Stitching Facebook Page. I wanted a new stitched example for the Mod Fashion sheet, and decided to put ~you~ to work making it for me 'cause...I have a lot of other things I'm working on and I sure could use your help around here. Above, is my stitched version from oh...years ago. I decided I'd like to see a fresh version, so...contest!

First, let me say: it was really, really hard for me to choose. I mean it! There were multiple examples I would have picked as winners. I was so impressed with all the variations I saw, and I think you all should be super proud of the work you did. I was so impressed with the way multiple stitches were used, and the creativity and imagination that went into in each piece was a real joy for me to see. No two were even close to looking alike.

And, you all fell for my trap to learn how to do French knots. Mwahahaha! It worked. You're all pros now.

Enough! Here are the winning submissions to the Sublime Stitching Flickr Pool:

★★★★ 1st PLACE goes to dmr_2009 ★★★★
$100 Gift Certificate + pattern example!
I love all the varied stitches and that variegated blond hair!

2nd Place goes to ANYAKASE1
$50 Gift Certificate
This was a close second. Sunny colors and a baskeweave dress!

$25 Gift Certificate
Now you know why it was hard to choose: Pink. Hair.

$10 Gift Certificate
Great colors, and what a smashing dress!

♥ Runners Up ♥  Each of these were close in the running and caused me to fret and worry and almost re-consider! Don't miss seeing them:








All of the entries are here!

Thank you, everyone for participating! I know each and every one of you worked so hard on this, and it shows. Check your flickrmail soon for a little thank you from me. 


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