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Gothic Bride

Here comes the bride, all dressed in black. And lavender. With fishnet gloves. I asked my longtime good friend and crafty maven Jenny Ryan (writer for Craft, author of Sew Darn Cute, Richard Simmons dévotée) if she would stitch up the Wedding Wishes pattern for me with a twist: make it a gothic wedding. She delivered.

It's kind of overcast today (how appropriate, no?) and I couldn't get a good photo of the whole thing. So imagine this stitched on one of these banners to make a wall-hanging with metallic thread. Are you closing your eyes and picturing it? Hey. Open them again. It looks like the ribbons on the bouquet are blended floss. Clever girl.

Jenny has a new blog you need to add to your roll: Exit Through the Thriftshop!

Oh andandand the Wedding Wishes ♥ PDF version with COLOR GUIDE now available for puchase to registered users ♥ You knew this day would come.


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