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Dont' Blow It!

Tell politicians "Don't Blow It" through the power of hand-embroidered handkerchiefs!

London's Craftivist Collective has a great project going on: "Don't Blow It!" Longtime crafty friend Sonja Todd of Tatty Devine (she used to make the coolest, mini needlepoint repros of album covers back in the diy day) connected me via email with Sarah Corbett of Craftivist Collective about this creative and impactful embroidery project. (I appreciate the email- I'm super heads-down working these days). 

"We are encouraging all craftivists to hand embroider a personal message to your MP in handkerchiefs you have been given, have found or have made this summer. We hope you can then deliver your hanky to your local MP at their regional office or Westminster (preferably in person) when they arrive back to work September 6th from their break. This is our summer project. We want the message to be timeless so you can keep referring to it in your correspondence with your MP to talk about current issues you care about"

Even though this is a UK-based activity, there's no reason it can't apply to US government! Why not offer a congress(wo)man, city council member or mayor a hanky with a message from their constituent?

(I just got some handkerchiefs in if you need some.)

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