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I just wanna give you what you want. Except in those cases when I must save you from yourselves when you request things you think you want. (No, you don't really want a teddy bear with a tummy that says "I wuv you thiiiiis much".) Sorry. That's when I gots to get tough love and draw the line.

Yesterday, I was, as I will often do, asking what you want for patterns. The Gnomes and Fairies sheet has sold out, and it needs some changes. So I posted a call for suggestions on the Sublime Stitching Facebook Page. Out of the numerous directives that came in ("No gnomes. They are like clowns to me." "A mushroom house!") Three requests stood out. One, because I already have them and two: there was a suggestion that is now my most favorite evs.

Request 1:"Unicorns!"
KABLAM! Have you not seen the newly re-vamped Unicorn Believer sheet?

Request 2: "Hedgehog!"
PP-POW! There is totally a behbeh hedgehog on Forest Friends looking for a mommy.

Request 3: ~My new favorite pattern request to date~ "a squirrel maybe, with tufty ears like the European squirrels"
OHNOIDINT-YESIDID2 There is a squirrel on Forest Friends with ear tufts.

My work here is done. (Not really. I have a ton of work to do.)


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