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Renegade L.A!

PHeweee! This has been a very busy July with lots of unexpected twists and turns (all of them good). Thus, my blogging slowed down, it's true. But, I have to slow down for a moment to tell you that yes! I will be at Renegade Craft Fair Los Angeles this weekend! My mom just might be there helping me out, too (she loves to do that). If you survive carmageddon you will be rewarded to find I have some special new things not yet up on the site. I'll be sharing a booth with my very good friend Christine Haynes so please come see us!

Jenny, is it okay if I bring my book/kit/project along and have you sign it or show you what I've made? Pleasepleaseplease? (Lots of you have been asking me this.)

Yes! Of course, silly! I would be happy to. Now, I uh...have to get all this stuff together. See you tomorrow! xo

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