July 19 2011 Tuesday at 10:22 AM


Hey behbeh. Is it hot outside or is it just...me? Here you go ladies (and gentlemen) a longtime, breathless request: male pinups. Since we are experiencing record heatwaves and it's the middle of summer, I thought beachy beefcakes would be timely and...HOTTT. Hot enough for you? And, wouldn't you know it: this sheet goes perfectly with Beach Babes! Frolicky fun in the sun, folks.

This sheet was drawn by the incredibly talented Andrée Tracey. Andrée is a Minneapolis-based illustrator with a long history in commercial and textile design, but this is the first time she's designed for embroidery! I have a feeling she will be doing more patterns for me (and you). Stay tuned with more from Andrée and more about her! You? Go after those guys on Beefcake Beach.