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Hand & Lock - NYC

I am absolutely thrilled and honored to have been invited to speak at the upcoming Hand and Lock embroidery conference in NYC. Why am I telling you about it now? Because they are still offering early bird ticket prices (only until July 31st) and I want you to plan ahead and come see me. I'd like to see your smiling face there.

making corded epaulettes - image via Hand and Lock

Are you familiar with Hand and Lock in London? Gosh, their history only dates back to 1767. They are a UK institution with deep roots in the tradition of handmade gold lace and trims, hand and machine embroidery, beading and embellishments of distinction for royalty, bespoke work and services for couture houses such as Dior. Never heard of them? Well, they might not be as well known in the USA. That's why they have begun to hold this annual, prize-giving embroidery conference. I'm thrilled to be invited to speak at the event, particularly alongside the venerable and true "embroidery-goddess" Erica Wilson (who deserves a blog post all of her own -stay tuned).

Hand and Lock Conference 2011 - November 3rd

Information on the event

Book your early-bird tickets online here

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