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Take Us to Your Stitchers.

Hey there! You new in town? I don't remember seeing you around here before. You need something? (Silence.) You all sure do look nice and I really like your colors. (Silence.) Ahem. Yeah, well, I like to embroider stuff and you know, maybe all you need is some gussying up? You know, if you're in town looking for a good time or something? (Silence.) Gosh...I...uh... (Silence.) Why aren't you saying anything? How come you're just staring at me like that? Stop staring at me! Can't you say anything? I know how to make you talk...

Stitch up these cocktail napkins so they'll make a statement. BA DUMP BUMP!


★ New Cocktail Napkins ★

White - Black - Pink - Blue

They look kinda plain now (that's the idea), but I'm going to stitch each of them up and report back over the next several days with some ideas, and FREE DESIGNS for you! Brb. I've got embroidering to do.

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