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Halloween Supply Guide

Allow me to lead you to the darkest corners of my website. (I will not, however, be using the word "spooktacular" to describe any of this stuff. You can't make me.) There are plenty of things lurking in the dark shadows that you might not be thinking of for this upcoming Halloween season so follow me...

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1. Black Cocktail Napkins

2. Black Tool Case w/ Magnets (scissors fit inside!)

3. Metallic Palette in Grayscale

4. Owl Scissors

5. Wicked Step Scissors

6. Patterns:
Zombies and Monsters
- Vital Organs - The Black Apple - Birds of Prey

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There's also FREE PATTERNS in the last blog post for the Cocktail napkins, along with a How-To for getting patterns onto dark fabrics!

MWOOAHAHAHAHhaahAhaHAHA...ahem. Enjoy.

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ETA: Alternative suggestions to the overly-used promo word "spooktacular" came pouring in via the Sublime Stitching Facebook Page. I have the cleverest customers in the world. You all suggested:

fang-tastic, creepadocious, creeper jamboree, too screamy for words, boo-licious, corpsiculous, scream dreams, bugs and hisses, creepaphonic, hellacious, goregasmic, ghoulapalooza, shriekalicious, vampyrical, hauntabulous, freakalicious, creeptastic, horrorific, goul-geous AAAAAAAAUUUUGGGHHH-some! Boo-tiful, stitch witch, scary good, candy-tastic, ghoulishly delightful, creeperific, morbidly marvelous, helleriffic, hauntorama, wolvielicious, Zombidonkadonk and Un -BOO-lievable!!

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