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Instagram Addiction

Are you addicted to Instagram? Yeah, me too. It's kind of been a problem in the last week since I downloaded the app. Yes: I have begun taking pictures of just about anything and everything around me that could be conceived as lovely or wistful or photo-worthy and filtering, filtering filtering. Is that so terrible? Just look at the beauty all around:

Don't know what I'm talking about? Instagram is an application for iPhones that let's you take a photo with your phone, apply various filters (to make it appear sepia-toned, black and white, etc) and then post it to your profile for anyone following you to see on their phones. The catch? It's designed primarily for the photos to be viewed only on the phone instead of online. You can watch the instagramatic world pass by in a never-ending stream of eye-candy, plates of food about to be eaten, pretty flowers taken on walks, art in-progress, and of course: photos of pets doing the cutest things. I saw you roll your eyes. I am guilty of the same. 

1. My scissor drawer // 2. My hoop drawer // 3. The black cocktail napkins with the free designs on them // 4. A detail of my artwork as it was being unpacked // 5. Minou! // 6. One of my drawings of cross-stitch in colored pencil // 7. Zero Mostel threads a needle // 8. My floss drawer // 9. The dahlias I bought.

The result of having this app? You suddenly see everything around you as a potentially beautiful photograph (and everyone becomes a photographer at heart). To those who don't use it, seeing you take a photo of a dust bunny in the corner because you now see it as a meaningful objet when tilted-shifted just right and the Early Bird filter applied -apparently gets a bit annoying (that's what I keep hearing). But they just don't understand that you will also be seen as someone who views the world with a unique and enlightened perspective! I'm not making fun: I love it. But, this seems to be the instagram effect.

How am I using it? I'm posting a mish-mash of images not always, but mostly related to embroidery: works in progress, designs I'm working on, eye-candy and...cute pictures of my cat. If you want more of an on-the-fly view of what I'm up to, this is where it'll be.

Want to follow me? My handle is: sublimestitching

Some folks I follow: angeliska, dearcandy, descalza, erinpaisley, faythelevine, ktkutthroat, myloveforyou, lisacongdon, schmancytoys, threadwizard, girlatplay, katebingburt, oliveolly and christinehaynes to name a few.

Don't have an iPhone? No problem! You can see my latest pictures online via copygram.

Do I stage photos? The majority of my photos are of things as I find them or make them -which is kind of the point of the app, I think. To share images of things as they are found in front of you. Otherwise, if they're projects or new designs I want to show you: yes, I will stage them in the best light so you can see what the designs look like!



My father. Circa 1948, Nebraska. He was a professional photographer and cameraman.

He would have LOVED this. 

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