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Back in Stock & COLOR Guides!



Pay attention, because a lot is going on here all at once. You have been so very patient with me on making these color guides and some of the patterns being temporarily out of stock. I appreciate that. The past few months have been very busy for me: I moved Sublime Stitching to Los Angeles, took a trip to Paris for my show of drawings, stopped in D.C. on the way back to speak at the Smithsonian American Art Museum for Etsy...came home, collapsed in a heap...then came down with the flu. A flu that's held on for three weeks (just the nagging coughing part). Don't worry about me. I'm fine. In fact, I'm more than fine -I have new stuff for you! Now, pay close attention 'cause this isn't some streamlined marketing plan I have worked out or anything...

1. Several of the most popular patterns were out of stock for a wee bit. They are now back in stock! Which ones? These:

Chi-Chi Fever - Gnomes & Fairies - Gothic Grandeur - Chinatown are all back and better than ever! Better how?

2. Some of these sheets got a face-lift, which means they have new designs on them! Can you tell which ones? Nevermind, I'll just tell you:

Chinatown - now sports chopsticks, dim sum (gimme some) and a bigger and better dragon!

Gnomes & Fairies - Now with more mushroom houses! Dude! Mushroom houses! Dude! Mushroo...(ok, you get it.)

Gothic Grandeur - This is one of my earliest (no pun intended) sheets. I've spruced it up with a Victorian hand and a winged skull. Yes, I know it came in too late for Halloween to get the transfer - but that's why I gave you the hand pattern fo' free, and registered users can buy the PDF now to download instantanemously!

I decided Beefcake Beach and Chi-Chi Fever were already awesome and didn't need any updates or changes. Cool by you?

Oh, oh- and! ALL OF THESE ARE AVAILABLE NOW AS PDFS WITH COLOR GUIDES! xo Enjoy, boys and girls.



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