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My mom is probably annoyed with me. I haven't even answered her email yet (which I'd better do right after I finish typing this blog post). She found out that I'm featured in the current issue of Where Women Create not from me, but from a phone call from the daugther of one of my grandmother's friends (are you following this?) in Arkansas. So, yes! I'm featured in Where Women Create, issue 1 volume 4. Well, it's not really about me so much as the space I work in.

I'll be honest: I don't really work from my laptop while perched on my kitchen counter. And, while I absolutely love to look at soft-focus images of perfectly dressed and arranged spaces, my actual work space is not so ideal. But, my actual living space -I try to make it look like a place I love and want to be in all the time. These photos were taken by Gale Zucker for Joan Tapper's book Craft Activism. All of these shots were taken in my house in Austin -where I am no longer. But, this is where Sublime Stitching started and operated from for about eight years (until I moved it into this little hut for a time before moving everything out to Los Angeles last summer.) 

I like that this magazine is about creative spaces and personal mementos. See the photo of my desk on the facing page? Wanna know what's on it? Okay, going clockwise from lower left:

  • Class photo from my high school year book (no, not me), which turned into this drawing.
  • "Old Time Quality Embroidery Service" sampler given to my by Faythe Levine (xoxo!)
  • Wood wall hanging from Japan. Underneath it on the brown paper is a delicately written fan letter from Japan in 2003, inviting me to visit, telling me about the rainy season "tsuyu". It is so sweet I never want to misplace it.
  • Below that, are collages I made.
  • The small frames are abstract embroideries from a show at Giant Robot NYC
  • Two Ryan Berkley prints.
So, there's a peek at a corner of my former space (more is in the magazine). Maybe some day (maybe) I'll take you on a tour of the new one. Maybe. If you're nice to me. I'd like to keep it all to myself for a while longer though, if you'll let me. >quietly shutting the door<


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