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Project Idea!

Here's an idea for you. Take a craft book, say a particularly excellent one,
like Cathy Callahan's Vintage Craft Workshop.

This is Cathy (Hi Cathy!). She's a friend, an amazing designer and vintage craft aficianado. Her taste and eye for design is amazing. So let's get back to her book...

Cathy's book features re-workings of craft projects from vintage craft books
and includes the templates to make them...this one looks cool!
A lady vase originally designed by Gemma Taccogna.
Wait a minute, Gemma's work looks very familiar to me...

Hey! My mother had a head almost exactly like this on her dresser at home.
I grew up seeing this work! It's like finding an old friend.
I love Gemma's work. And, I have an idea for an alternative project...

The back of Cathy's book includes templates for all of the projects.

(These are for cutting out felt shapes.)

And, here's my favorite:
Gemma's face for painting her "Lady Vase".

But, why not use these templates as patterns for embroidery? I'm gonna!

All you need is carbon transfer paper or a transfer pen
to transfer the design to your fabric.
Trace, trace, trace, stitch, stitch, stitch...

Ta daa! I used a combination of several templates from the back of Cathy's book
to make my own layout and design to embroider.

The entire thing was really easy: I just used red floss and worked everything in a back stitch. What did I stitch it on? 

This pillow cover! You like? I do!
The other wonderful thing about Cathy's book is that it profiles the designers of these projects. It's a nice piece of 60's and 70's craft history. 

Want me to list all the stuff you need again? No problem:

Do you also need floss, embroidery hoop, or needles? Just checking.

Be sure to visit Cathy's blog, Cathy of California, and I hope you spend some time googling Gemma Taccogna!

(What's that? My nail polish? You like it? Thanks! I'm wearing this. xo)

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