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Embroidered iPhone

Yes, yes and yes: I have seen those super awesome iPhone cases made for cross-stitching. But since I'm not primarily a cross-stitcher (not that there's anything wrong with being a cross-stitcher), the grid on the cases for cross-stitching looked a bit tight for working decorative embroidery stitches. So, I admired from afar. Sigh. Pretty, pretty stitched iPhone cases.

Then, I dropped my phone. Kee-runch and boo hoo. I decided it was time for a soft rubber case and just happened to find this one! While it's not designed specifically for embroidering, seemed perfect to me! It was. Here's why:

  • Soft rubber and big holes - More forgiving to a fully loaded needle that might pass through the same hole 2-3 times. (Which, you'll need to do if working a stitch like this.)
  • Offset grid - I really like that it's an offset, diamond grid. I find that easier to work on for stitches like these. 
  • Re-do it / Re-use it - You can work a fairly simply design on it, like the one I did above. Then, when you're ready for a change you can cut the floss away and stitch a new design on the same case! (I'll post again when I change mine.)

Here is the case that I used (shown above) which also comes in black, red, yellow and purple

What stitch is that? It's a Fern Stitch. No pattern needed! Have fun!

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