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Dainty Days Redux

(Dainty Days stitched on demi towels)

Nooo, these aren't linens recently unearthed from my grandmother's collection. For all my "nyeah, who wants teddy bears and bunnies" talk, I think you'll agree that there's an earlier era of popular embroidery patterns that we all love. The truly vintage ones. The ones you can't get any more (except after throwing elbows on ebay). So, inspired by the simplicity of days of the week patterns gone by, here's my take on it. And since I'm terrible at executing lazy daisies, I made them oversized so they can be stitched with stitches. Black stitching with bold colors makes me h a p p y. (You might want to freshen up your French knots for the middle.)

What did I stitch them on? These demi towels! Where? I put the pattern in the middle along the hem, then did a tri-fold.

And just so you know it's still me and my brain hasn't grown soft (yet) I've included dagger and hearts options to throw in your stitchy mix!

Yes! It's available for sale to registered users as a PDF with multiple COLOR GUIDES! (and extra combo ideas for how to lay them out) xo

>> Dainty Days Revamped!

>> 100% Cotton Demi Towels


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