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Sew It All TV

Is this thing on? Can you hear me? What's my line? Gulp. I was invited to appear on Sew It All TV earlier this year, and the episode (#207) has been airing recently. (I haven't seen it yet, have you?) "Um, I don't sew" I told them. "That's cool!" they said "come on and show us how to embroider!" That, I can do.

With the help of my good friend Christine Haynes (who made a verrry simple baby-doll top in three colors for me) I put together some ideas for how to dress up the same top with three different looks in embroidery:

1. Bow and Buttons. Pink and grey floss. Easy. Seriously, you can do this. I used the Ryan Berkley patterns! Here's the full tute.

2. Faux Floral Corsage. Made with the Fantasy Flowers patterns. Wanna see a detail of the flower? I thought you would. Here it is:

There's a blog entry about the stitches I'm using on the petals here.

And last but not least, for my third look I present to you:

3. Chunky Jeweled Necklace. You like? This is the design I did just for the show. The pattern is available as a free download on the Sew It All TV website, and so is Christine's pattern for the top. Merry Christmas! You've been good.


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Flashback: Remember when I was a judge on the super awesome (but shortlived) Craft Corner Death Match? Goood times.


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