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Georgiana Brown Harbeson

I made a request eight years ago on my blog (I have blog posts that old?) about the work of this early pioneer of American needlework. My mother had given me a stack of old embroidery magazines, and this piece from the cover of Needlecraft Magazine, July 1931 -just blew me away. I blogged about the coverpiece and then tried, without much luck, to turn up more examples of Harbeson's work. Then, few days ago, an email appeared in my inbox:

 "you expressed interest in seeing work by GBH. I have a rather large piece 64"x72", designed by her, titled Deep South. I'm happy to send a photo (in situ) if you're interested in seeing it..."

Type...type...type: "Yes! Please send pictures!" 


Michael Gruber owns the piece and kindly followed up with this photo. "The imagery is very Rousseau-like (I agree!). According to published records, the piece was worked in 1936 by members of Minerva Yarn Industries in PA."

He also apologized for the quality of the photo and said they just moved. He promised to send more images when it's back in place, and when he does, I promise to share them here. I can't wait to see it in more detail!

You can read more about Georgiana Brown Harbeson on the James A. Michener Art Museum website. The museum is in Doylestown, Pennsylvania has several of her works in its collection. 

Thank you, Michael!

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