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New PDF!

NEW PDF Pattern with color guides! "My Love is True" 

Let's get real. No bucked-tooth teddy bear is going to serve up this message properly. I wanted to do a large, tattoo-style, slighty gory, flowery heart-n-banners design to say: this is serious love.

But- don't run off just yet. First, I bet you want to know how I did those stitches around the heart, yes?

Chain Stitch Tutorial. Well, it's a little different from the traditional way. Not because I'm so clever, but because I was actually doing it "wrong" from the traditional technique for years. Let's say I was doing it differently. I don't really believe in "wrong" when it comes to stitching, because it turns out that I prefer to do it this way. What's wrong with that? If you have a copy of my book Embroidered Effects, look up "plain chain" and you'll get the full story on the two ways to work a chain stitch.

Since it's a big design...

I used one of the 11" x 11" Q-snap frames.
It fits perfectly! What did I stitch it on?

Bam! Zippered pillow cover. I transferred the design with one of these transfer pens

♥ Words of encouragement ♥ If you get the design, and then start feeling all stressy about stitching it up in multiple colors or fancy stitches, don't. This design would look awesome in one color all over: RED. Stitch the whole silly thing in just a back stitch and it will still be a bold, beautiful piece of embroidery.

Let's re-cap:

NEW PDF Pattern with color guides >> "My Love is True" 

Chain Stitch Tutorial

Back Stitch Tutorial 

11" x 11" Q-snap frame

Zippered pillow cover

Transfer pen


Carbon transfer paper

Why? Because I WUV YOU THIIIIIIIIS MUCH! (eye-roll) xoxo


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