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J'adore French Knots!

Voilà -bumper stickers so zee whole world will know what a needle nerd you are! Hey, I don't judge. I have wanted to make these silly stickers forever. Want one? They're free with any order of $30 or more (not including shipping). And you're in luck! If you're wondering what $30 will get you you'll want to know about ch-ch-changes coming...

>Looking around and talking out of the side of my mouth< Soon, we will be launching a new website (less than two weeks). I am super, duper, uper excited about it. While you don't yet know all the changes that will take place I'll just say: you should get excited now. I don't usually blab about such things until they're finished, but I thought you'd want to know that the Ultimate Embroidery Kit will no longer be available with every single combination of patterns / textile / floss palette. It will be the same kit, and still be customizable -just not with quiiite as many choices. Why not? Oh, it has to do with coding limitations and infinite permutations of skus and zzzzz. The kit isn't going away! Are you crazy? Not at all -just if you want an Ultimate Embroidery Kit with your very own custom choice of pattern, textile and floss -get one now. And get a bumper sticker in the process. Mais oui mes chéris!

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