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We have a NEW WEBSITE!


Have you noticed anything different? No, I did not get my hair cut. After years of toil (I'm not kidding) we have a new, improved (hopefully) easier-to-use and faster loading website. No more waiting in line when there's a stampede on new patterns. Phew, is this a relief! 

We just put the new site up which means there are certainly a few kinks here and there that we'll iron out in the coming week. So, consider this your invitation to give the new site a test-run! Poke around, open doors, do a finger-test for dust and don't hesitate to contact us if you encounter anything that just don't seem right. Before you run off, I want to point out what's new:

  • All Patterns Ship FREE. So do some other things!
  • ALL UPDATED PDFS are NOW up with COLOR Guides! All of them. (Lynn Chan, I'm looking at you.) 
  • PDFs + Iron-On Transfers = ♥ There's no separate section to go to. Just choose which format you want! You can also get both for a combo discount. xo
  • No logging in / registering. No longer required! Yay!
  • Blog commenting It's now sooo much easier for us to admin comments, so comment away.
  • More Pattern PDFs! PDFs-only now have their own section!
  • Freebie Pattern. There's now a permanent place for you to come and grab a free pattern.

There's more (and more to come), but those are the big ones that I want you to know about. I'll let you discover the rest!

Something missing? Don't worry! They'll be back:

  • Customer Gallery - All of the previous submissions will be there when it goes back up, along with a new look for the gallery.
  • Embroidery Tutorials - I'm doing some cleanup and reorganizing.
  • Missing Patterns - Wondering where Swanky Decor, Scooter Babe and a few others disappeared to? Don't worry, they're just getting facelifts and will be back soon.

Squeeee! Ahem. I'm excited.


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