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New Patterns! Fridge Magnets


With all this hub bub about the new website I nearly forgot to mention the new patterns!  (There are new patterns.) So many of you anguish about how to line up your lettering all nice 'n neat...I thought an alphabet that looks like Fridge Magnets would relieve the pressure. In fact -these won't look right unless they're kinda all over the place and wonky. Supercute for personalizing kid stuff. I am seeing these along the hem of a little girl's dress, some personalized pillowcases, a demi towel that says "wash up"...Oh, here -I'll just make that for you and put it in the PDF...

So, unlike before, all of the patterns in the catalog now have their updated versions available AND have not one, but two (two, I say!) color guides. Yes mom, this was a LOT of work. Remember when you'd ask me for a tutorial and I was like "mmhm...hang on!" and then you thought I'd never do another tutorial again because nothing new would appear? I was working on the pattern catalog. But it's done now, and I'm sooooo glad! Champagne was popped. (I'm not kidding.) For you, this means: no separate section for PDFs, no registering or logging in to get them. Just get it and go! (And then come back again because I'll miss you.)

New Iron-On Transfer Patterns & Full Color PDFs >>> FRIDGE MAGNETS

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