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Stitch diagrams are poppin' up...


Don't panic! The tutorials are already making their way back. I thought I'd start with three basic stitches: Split , Back and Stem (makes sense, right?). A lot is still missing from the How-To section that was on the old site but don't worry: the Fool Proof French Knot is up next. I know how anxious that one makes you so I put it at the very top of my to-do list

Have a look at the new stitch tutes, and if you say "yeah, yeah -I already know those stitches >eyeroll<" -then why not send them on to someone who doesn't already know them, smarty pants? Huh? Why dontcha? I'd love it if you did. xo

The shiny new tutes can be found in the How-To Section! MooOOoore coming...

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