Epic Alphabet Sampler


Above : Epic Alphabet sampler with glorious type by House Industries (used with permission)

The other day, Shenae asked via the Sublime Stitching Facebook page if I have a ready-to-stitch alphabet sampler available. I was just about to type "gosh, I sure don't, but probably will at some poi..." when it struck me: Of course! You can easily make an alphabet sampler from any of the alphabet sheets I have! Der.

Take any of these alphabet sheets: Epic Alphabet / Tattoo Alphabet / Olde Alphabet / Fridge Magnets / Heavy Metal Alphabet -and instead of cutting the letters apart to make words (this time), transfer the entire sheet to fabric for a sampler! Demi towels can double as a wall-hanging (they'll fit inside an 11" x 14" standard-sized frame). 

What I'm using here:

So first, read the instructions on how the transfers work! Putting glasses on end of nose...

Mmmkay? See that part where it says "this transfer ink does not wash out"? You do? Okay. Just making sure. xo

That means be sure to do this first:

Cut the notice off the bottom before you transfer the whole sheet, because that ink will transfer too! Unless, you know, you want to embroider backward notices onto your sampler. That would be weird.

Warm up your fabric first -get the whole surface nice 'n hot (no steam). Then transfer the whole sheet all at once. Don't be scared.

Here's how mine turned out:

See my letter A? It came out a little bit blurry, but no big whoop. No one will see that once it's stitched over! If some lines are too faint, I keep a pencil handy and pencil 'em in.

Ready for the next part? The best part?

Stitch it. Bliss out.

Want to do this? You totally can. Everything comes with instructions! (Need to learn some basic stitches?)

Wondering how to frame it? Watch my video tute here: 

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