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Board Meeting

I've always dreamed of having one of these. You know: my very own product development board. Okay, well maybe I haven't always dreamed of having one. You know, not like when I was five. But after several years of growth and changes (and noticing I had an unused bulletin board stuck behind a cabinet) I decided I wanted to take a look at all of this stuff in one spot. Well, not all of it. This is all I could fit on the board. Whenever you have a peek behind the scenes of some creative company or designer, they always have their inspiration boards and product development boards in the studio looking so...inspiring. Product board envy. So here's mine. Not bad. Lookin' pretty good! A lot sure has changed over the years. Better than the fold-over plastic bags I used to put the kits into many a year ago (a girl has to start with something). How's this stuff looking to you? You like? Who do you think I'm doing this for, anyway? My mom? 

(Hi, mom. Well, I am doing it to impress you. That's true.)

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