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Fait Avec Amour in Australia


photo : h i j k Lempo Bee

What have you affixed the woven labels to?* I wanna see! Jane, all the down unda in Australia made this shirt for her son, attached "Fait Avec Amour" (Made With Love in French) and shared this photo via her blog. I would love to see your creatively attached labels! Did you finally finish something that earned a "This Took Forever"? Or maybe you gave up out of frustration and just said "That's it! I'm like, so done with this!" and then attached this label and called it quits? Hey -I won't judge.

Tweet links of your (best) photos to me @iloveembroidery or post them to the Sublime Stitching Facebook wall! I'll put my favorites right here on the blog. xo

*Yes, I know it should be "to what have you..." and what have you. Ffthpt.

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