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Embroidered Journals - Giveaway!


Remember these? The super girly, swirly embroidered journals? I have a bunch of them in now. We're trying to keep all the books in stock (they go so fast!). I'd like to do another one of these journals. They're such a nice size. I can never live without a blank journal nearby.


They're a little bit extra because I'm signing them. (If that matters!) Say, it's been awhile since I've done a giveaway...

THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. Comment to win! Would you like to see more journals like these with different covers?
I will give 3 Embroidered Journals away to randomly selected commenters!  

Comments don't post immediately -they are moderated first, so don't panic if your comment doesn't show up right away. And, not ALL comments are currently displayed (they're getting bumped off at the bottom - need to fix that). Don't worry if you can't see your earlier comment. I can see ALL comments that have been made! xoxo O_O

Comments will be closed on Friday at 12 Noon PST. Three winners will be picked and announced right here by 7pm pst. xoxo!

Please note: I did not hand embroider each journal! These have a photo reproduction of embroidery I did (with the backside on the back cover). These were made for Chronicle Books ;)

WHOAH. There were nearly 1,000 comments to the blog for this giveaway. So I literally covered my eyes, scrolled down the pages (I can see ALL the comments on my side of things -so don't worry you were overlooked) and plunked my finger on the screen. Here is who was chosen by the flying, fickle finger of fate:

Audra Flammang! Check you out!

Aimee Foster! Can you buhleeve it? (The finger of fate likes people with A and F in their initials)

Julie Augie! C'mon down!

You three lucky ladies will each receive a signed journal. (Stephanie will email you for your mailing addresses on Monday.)
Everyone When I said "comment" on the blog, I didn't (truly) expect there to be such an outpouring of kindness and compliments about the work done around here. I want you to know that read just about each and every one of the wonderful things you said and how much it meant to me. It was totally unexpected. All you hadta say was "pick me!" -but I'm really glad you didn't. What fun would that be? And...don't think I don't have something for all of you.

Enter GIRLYGIRLYGUMDROPS for 10% off any of my books, good now through this Sunday 3/25/2012! Howsat?

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