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Hangin' with my Hoops!


Can you believe it? Have you ever seen so many wood hoops in one spot? Nope. You all are so hang-my-hoop crazy (with embroidery in them, of course). But wood hoops can be so, soooo hard to find. Why is that? You might come across a very few, or a metric ton -all in the same size. How about this? A neat collection of variously-sized wood hoops that you can arrange in oh-so many different ways! I see words mixed with flowers and faces for an arrangement that can continually change. I want to see what you come up with. Need some inspiration? Mkay...

(No, I didn't embroider all of these -I'm just being silly with Japanese photo filters.) These aren't really hoops meant so much for working on -they're just right for framing what you've stitched and showing it off! I put bows on as a suggestion for how you might cover up the screws. >wink<

HOOP GROUP > > 11 Embroidery Hoops!
Includes a free PDF of suggested layouts!

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