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Printed Textiles Return!

Dream Garden

After a long absence, I'm so happy (relieved?) that all of the printed textiles are back! Did you miss them? (I did.) That means Owlbert and Floral Fantasy are back, too. There is no sewing, no transferring or tracing -just stitching.

And, even though I've stitched this one up before, I think I want to stitch it again just to zone out for while and not have to make any challenging embroidery decisions. Ommmmmm...

Many Mountains

Couple of fascinating things I would like you to know about my printed textiles:

  • the design washes out -so stitch before you wash them.
  • yes, they can be ironed before you stitch them -just keep the steam OFF, boss.
  • the wall hanging above is printed on the demi towel -which means you can use any demi towel as a wall-hanging to fit in a standard 11" x 14" frame!
  • NEW! They each come with the PDF version for free -so you'll have multiple color guides to consider whilst stitching.

Howsat sound?

If you have been wondering when I'm going to have any new designs available...well. Funny you should ask. You won't have to wait much longer. At all. Yes that is a hint. Are you getting my drift? You reading me Mom? Soon. Soony-soon-soon. Like. Super duper uper soon. 

Now, shoo!

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