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Rosie Music - About a Collaboration

"Too Shy" by Rosie Music

Some projects take years to bring to fruition. In a time of increasingly want-it-yesterday and give-it-to-me-instantly, some things simply take real-world time to realize, if at all. They also require the dedication and enthusiasm of all involved. That's how it was with this project.

I am particularly fond of this collaboration because it has been the result of years of emails, being busy, being patient, being persistent and realizing the wait was utterly worth it.

Rosie Music's illustrations are exceptionally sweet. Exceptionally bittersweet. Exceptionally lovely, delicate and dreamy. Her work looks like no one else's.

I knew I wanted to do a collaboration with Rosie as soon as I saw her work. This was nearly five years ago. More? Maybe. Rosie and I have re-visited this project again and again until finally...

Shy Girl

It all came together. (I think I found the perfect color of mint for her dress and reproduced the dots in French knots.) Rosie had a shy girl, but there wasn't a boy to go along with her. I asked if she would consider creating him just for this project, and she did. 

Let's meet him:

Shy Boy

There he is. (I love his undone tie.) His vest is worked in a rusty red with pale pink. 

Now, let's get these two wallflowers together:

That's better.


Shy Girl & Shy Boy - Pillow Set

Just as this project require of us, it will take your time and dedication to see it come to life. (You can do it.) And, you'll enjoy the same sense of accomplishment and reward as long as these two are around for you to enjoy. If you're intimidated by all the colors (the same colors I used are in the PDF), just think how it would look in all red, or blue/gray or dusty pink...I already want to re-stitch them all over again.

Let's meet Rosie. I think she's a shy girl herself...

Rosie Music's work is inspired by music, love and loneliness. Her works have been exhibited internationally including group shows in Guadalajara, Mexico City, L.A., Miami, NYC and Tokyo, and have been featured in magazines such as Nylon, 192, and others. She has her own line of apparel and enjoys designing album covers. 

I want to sincerely thank Rosie for being so persistent in her dedication to this project, and her patience. I hope you'll take time to see more of her work:

Rosie Music Etsy Store / Tumblr

x - x - x 

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