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Fowler Museum - Mystery Project!


Wanna see a group of stitchers (happily) hard at work? I've been hinting here and there at this project, but have been a bit secretive. That's for a couple of reasons: this event was open only to students of UCLA and I didn't want to cause confusion. The other reason is -well, it's a work in progress and I want to see how it's all going to come together. 

How what is coming together? And why are we doing this?

I'll be explaining in a series of blog posts on Embroidery As Art. First, it helps to read about the current exhibition at the Fowler: Order and Disorder: Alighiero Boetti by Afghan Women. (If you are in the Los Angeles area, I strongly encourage you to see this exhibition.) I was invited by the Fowler museum to develop activities related to the exhibition. I held an embroidery workshop, and this collaborative art project was begun last Tuesday evening. Curiosity piqued? See more about Concept to Collaboration : Artists Involving Others.

Who's this lovely lady? Why, it's Shannon Genova-Scudder aka Giggly Mama! (Yes, she is giggling. And yes, that is floss on her shoulder.) She stitched her cardigan just for the event! Shannon is a longtime Sublime Stitching friend (she has a tattoo of the pink scissors) and was just one of the incredible stitchers who answered my call for embroiderers to help with the project. While students came and went (or camped out for the evening) I had my stitchers with me -and it felt great. These are folks I have known for years via the interwebs, and had either never met in person before, or was getting to see again after a very long time. It was a wonderful evening.

I will keep you updated! xo

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