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(Not) Totally Metal


Metallics are a pain. But they're sooo pretty! Pout. Here's a tip for how to incorporate them into your stitching with ease: 


First: I recommend using these metallic threads. I use them myself because they are the easiest to stitch with (and that's why I offer them here for you!)

1. Blend it with your cotton floss (above). You know: strip away 1-2 strands from your 6-strand floss and add the same length of metallic along with it. Then thread your needle with them all together and stitch! Work slowly at first so they don't cause tangles (keep them aligned as best as you can). The results are worth the extra effort. Do you think that rose up there looks any less sparkly? No, you don't.

Want another idea? Okay...

2. Use it for accents instead of the whole design (below). Like this:

Vintage Flower pattern

I stitched up the whole thing in smooth-stitching cotton first, and then added stitches in metallics afterward. I didn't cuss once. It's very easy to work with if you're just using a little bit here and there -and the results are just as sparkly and satisfying. Ahhhh...sssthsparkly.

Inspired? Well, then check these out:

Sublime Stitching Metallic Palettes - These are the easiest metallic threads to work with! They don't fray and play nice.

Not mad at metallics any more? 

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