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Where and the What and the Why?

Back Stitch - Tutorial

Wondering what stitches to use where? Don't fret! I created these basic stitch tutorials to teach you the classic outlining stitches, along with examples of how they look when worked. (These diagrams come with every PDF.) Learn these, and you are free and easy to stitch up any embroidery design, any which way you wanna stitch! I know, it's seems intimidating given there are a squillon-and-one stitches you could choose from when faced with a pattern. But that's why it's called "free embroidery"'s free and easy, dude. But sometimes too much freedom is scary. I know it is, so start with these!

Split Stitch - Tutorial

Stem Stitch - Tutorial


French Knot - Tutorial

Typically, any time you see a small dot on an embroidery pattern, that's shorthand for "a French knot goes here". Try the tutorial. I bet a squillion dollar's worth of stitches you can master it before -oh, you got it figured out already? See, it's not so hard.

These lessons can always be found in the How-To section (still being updated since the move -pardon lack of decor). But if that's not enough check out:

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