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NEW - Bird's Nest Embroidery Pattern


exhibit a) real bird's nest

During a recent early-morning outing, I came across a bird's nest that had fallen from a tree (don't worry -it was empty). There was a piece of string curling out of it which reminded me...

exhibit b) not a real bird's nest

A reader once suggested leaving our bits and ends of embroidery floss outside so that birds could use them build their nests. Which, of course, made me imagine a fanciful nest made up of colorful floss and metallic threads...I would so loooove to see a nest like that! Have you ever seen one? I haven't. So...


Here's a pattern of what I imagine this might look like! A nest of twigs and multi-colored bits of floss. Seemed like a nice idea for Mother's Day. The full pattern has a border to fit inside an 8" hoop, and it can also double as a baby sampler. Enjoy! xo

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